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The only charitable rewards program

Earn Points for giving back to amazing causes.

Redeem 'em for awesome stuff

Earn Points for giving back to amazing causes. Redeem 'em for awesome stuff

Your money is no good here.

You can’t buy CrowdRise tees or hoodies, you can only get ‘em by redeeming your CrowdRise Points. So when you see someone wearing CrowdRise, you know they’re saving the world. Learn some more.

David Clark Tee

20,000 Points

Most historians agree that roots of philanthropy are deeply connected to everything orange... cheese, pumpkins, carrots, goldfish, fire, orange elephants, etc. So, based on the relentless feedback from the CrowdRise community and a girl named Leslie from Eugene, in particular, we're excited to finally launch the David Clark Really Orange Tee. Please only wear the David Clark when you're doing something awesome to save the world or wearing a long ascot.

Less importantly, if you know what movie we got the name David Clark from please Click Here and we'll add 500 CrowdRise points to your account.


Aldous Snow Zip Hoody

50,000 Points

To say that the Aldous Snow Zip Hoody has generated concern on an international scale is probably an understatement. While we're certainly trying to remain neutral in all political or social discussions, we cannot help but chime in regarding the ridiculous accusations about the Aldous Snow. At no time did anyone wearing the Aldous Snow take pears and cheese from the Kremlin and whip ‘em at Queen Gulliard. While it's true that people wearing the Aldous Snow have been seen in and around Moscow on many an occasion, we have nothing against the Queen. In fact, she's been one of the giants when it comes to supporting CrowdRise Projects. I think that covers it.


How CrowdRise Points work

CrowdRise Points are a reflection of your charitable life. And remember, IYDGBNOWLY.


You get Points for being really good at crowdrising. That means raising lots of money for causes, donating to other fundraisers, and having lots of fun. You get 10 Points for every dollar you raise or donate.


You can redeem your Points for the best CrowdRise tees, hats and hoodies. We're trying to work out a deal with every hair stylist in the world so that you can also use your Points to get your hair done but that may take a little time.


If you click below and enter the name of the movie that this quote is from, we'll add 1,000 Points to your account (you can cheat if you want to).

"You want a toe? I can get you a toe, believe me."